Basic Rate: $335/person/day – double occupancy.
$470/person/day—single rate.

Includes private sleeping cabin with bath on lake, boats & motor, canoes, three home cooked meals and maid service, plus one flyout every other day to a remote pond or river for fishing, hiking, etc.

  • If wanting to access other fishing areas [local streams or remote ponds] a 4x4 is recommended when not flying.
  • Extra flyouts are available at rate depending on destination. From $170-$205/person round trip.
  • Must pay 2 days of package rate for each flyout.
  • A flyout is one round trip even if spending overnight at outpost.

Guide: If desired is $350/day [1-2 people, 2 day minimum], $400 *[3 people].

*Exception: if 3 people share a guide on a flyout day guides fee is $425 for that day [which includes his wage and flight]

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