information1Over 100 years ago, the Libby family owned and operated Atkins camp on an island in the middle of Millinocket Lake. Sportsmen who visited these camps included Teddy Roosevelt and Jack Dempsey.

In 1938 some of these cabins were relocated to the current site on the lake shoreline and new cabins were added. Today there are eight guest cabins and a lodge at what's now called Libby Camps.

Since those days, Libby Camps has been developed into a more modern facility without sacrificing any of its rustic charm.

Our ten outpost camps provide access to numerous remote lakes, ponds, streams and woods for the angler or hunter looking for complete seclusion.

Each of our guest cabins, handcrafted of peeled spruce and balsam fir, is furnished with homemade or antique beds, wood stoves and propane lights, flush toilets and showers.

The lodge, where three meals are served daily, is the hub of camp life.

information2At Millinocket Lake and surrounding areas, we often see such wildlife as loons, eagles, moose, deer and osprey on a daily basis.

Seeing and hearing the loons, with its haunting cry and graceful glide through the water, is a magical part of the Maine wilderness experience. The award-winning show "Cry of the Loon", produce by Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, was filmed from Libby's Home Camp.

Hunting at Libby's for trophy deer, bear and moose is second to none in the state as evidenced by many state records from this area.

Moose hunts are by permit only, through an annual lottery and success has been close to 100%. All hunts have limited space available and should be booked many months in advance. An abundance of grouse in our area rounds out the hunter's dream.

Libby's has been famous throughout the years for the excellent fishing available here. Native landlocked salmon and trophy brook trout fishing is superb from ice-out to the end of September. Experienced guides and our own seaplane help ensure access to the best fishing in a variety of nearby lakes, streams and ponds. Libby Camps is proud to be an Orvis endorsed lodge.

information3OUR SERVICES are comprehensive, from the moment we greet you at the airport, at our gate or at our dock til the moment your vacation ends. Cabins are cleaned daily and 14 foot Deep Vee boats and motors or canoes are included. Many of the nearby ponds have Old Town canoes on site for use after flying, driving, or hiking in. Our own seaplane ensures access to numerous areas which would otherwise be impossible or inconvenient to reach.

OUR FACILITIES include comfortable rustic cabins, hewn from forest timber around camp. Hot showers, lights and refrigeration are provided by propane gas. Fresh towels, sheets, blankets and pillows are supplied for each cabin.

OUR GUIDES are all registered Maine guides which means they have met the most rigorous standards of training and experience. Of equal importance is their knowledge of our particular area--the lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and woods. Our Orvis endorsed guides are trained to offer lessons in the skills and ethics of fly fishing.

OUR FOOD is simply, and plainly, outstanding. Many of Ellen's recipes have been handed down for generations and offer a variety of hearty, home-cooked, family-style meals complete with home-baked breads, pies and pastries, garden vegetable and fresh meats. All meals are served in our main lodge overlooking the lake. "Ellen's Cookbook, Sharing our Best" is available for purchase.

Information4OUR OUTCAMPS offer seclusion and access to remote areas of the North Maine Woods. Each of our ten outcamps is the only cabin on the pond and offers access to additional ponds, lakes or streams, where canoes are available.

The main dining lodge was built in 1968 when the kitchen/dining room became too small to serve the growing client base. The old dining room is what is now the kitchen. One side equipped with Amish handmade hickory/walnut tables and chairs for a relaxing family style meal. The other is plush couches, chairs and Amish handmade hickory rockers for relaxing in front of the fireplace and telling lies, I mean stories. Be sure to try your luck at the "Guides Waiting Game" a favorite for young and old alike.

Point camp is located on the south point of the property where Millinocket Lake turns to the east and extends towards the outlet. Water on two sides and views to the west and south, Point is one of the most secluded cabins. A hammock on the point is a nice touch. Point is one of our largest cabins with one queen and four twin beds.

Atkins camp was built in 1997 and named after Will and "Sleepy" Atkins, the original founders of Libby Camps. Sleepy Atkins passed away the year this cabin was built. Atkins is a small cabin with one queen bed and one twin bed, often referred to as the Honeymoon Cabin. Atkins has a full bath with bathtub.

Olin camp is located on a small point just south of the main lodge with a hammock and seating area on the point for the apres. Olin is a large three room cabin with two twin beds in the back room, one full bed in the middle room and one queen bed in the front room. Olin's bathroom received a face lift in 2011 with the addition of a new tile shower that is more spacious than the old model.

Memory camp was one of the first cabins built on the mainland when Libby's was relocated. It was named in memory of Allie I Libby, 3rd generation owner of Libby's, who passed away in 1959. Memory's bathroom was completely refurbished in 2009 and fitted with a bath tub and shower. Memory can be used as a handicap accessible cabin. It has one queen bed and two twin beds in the back room.

Phi Gam is one of the first cabins built on the mainland of Millinocket Lake. It is centrally located between the lodge and main dock. Phi Gam has one queen bed and one twin bed. Phi Gam's spacious bath is equipped with a bath tub with shower.

Glover camp was one of the original cabins built on Libby Island in 1890. The cabin was relocated to its current location right up from the main dock in 1958 after the lake had been flooded, forcing the Libby's to the mainland. Glover is one of the largest cabins on the property with two twin beds in one bedroom, one queen bed in another bedroom, and two twin beds in the main room.

Loon cabin was built in 1915 and moved to its current location in 1970. Loon was named in the early 80's when a crew from Wild Kingdom spent three summers filming a documentary on loons. Loon has one queen and one full bed. The private bath is equipped with shower.

Centennial camp was built in 1990, Libby Camp's 100th anniversary. It is located just up from the beautiful sand beach with a great view of Beetle and Grant Mountains. Centennial has one queen, one full and two twin beds. Centennial's private bath is equipped with a shower.

Skyhawk is our newest guest cabin, just put into service in 2011. Skyhawk is located on the south shore of the property. It is the most secluded as well as the furthest from the lodge. Skyhawk has one queen bed and one twin bed. Skyhawk was built in 1995 as sleeping quarters for Matt and Ellen. Amenities were added through the years until Matt and Ellen moved out last year. The first guests to stay in it (Marty and Kathy) named it Skyhawk because the Cessna 172 is parked on the dock in front of the cabin most of the time.

Fall camp is one of our newest guest cabins. It is centrally located on the fly casting lawn. Fall camp has one queen bed and one twin bed with a loft for more space.

Grey Ghost was built in 2015, Libby Camp's 125th anniversary. It is located around the point on the south end of the lake. Grey Ghost has one king, one queen, one full and two twin beds. This is the first cabin to have a fully equipped kitchen. Grey Ghost has two full private baths and a wraparound porch.

American Plan Rates:
From May 1st to September 30th: $1,020/night for up to 4 people. Additional guests $225/person/night
From October 1st to November 15th: $1,320/night for up to 4 people. Additional guests $300/person/night

Winter Lodging Rates:
$200/person/night, includes breakfast and supper

Housekeeping Rates: Includes linens, 2 night minimum.
2 people: $300/night
3 people: $350/night
4 people: $400/night
5 people: $450/night
6 people: $500/night

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