moose1The majestic moose in northern Maine offers tremendous opportunities for wildlife watchers and hunters alike. The numbers of moose in our area have skyrocketed since the 80's when the annual hunt began. Currently there is a group circulating petitions to increase the allowed take of moose since there have been so many fatalities from vehicles hitting moose. Fortunately in 1980 the moose hunt was started again to prevent the overpopulation of these magnificent animals (curbing the disease, meningitis and helping control over harvest of feeding areas).

Our Moose hunt can be done with a rifle, camera, bow or muzzleloader. We hunt in the traditional methods used by Matt's great grandfather. Calling using a bull or cow call from a birch bark horn, posting on stand along a waterway or hunting by canoe are popular methods. There is nothing as exciting as hearing a 1200 pound animal returning your call and come crashing towards you through the alders, often stopping just out of sight and occasionally charging the hunter to within a few feet.

moose2Libby's have been extremely successfull on these hunts taking many record animals every year. We had many 'club' moose, including two Boone and Crockett trophies and took the largest moose in the state in 1998 (dressed weight of 1127 pounds, live weight of nearly 1500 pounds.) . Matt and his guides work in this zone and fly over it daily throughout the summer. They know and prefer to hunt zones #5, #4 and #2, but can hunt other zones as well.

There are also ten permits that are auctioned to the highest bidders, call us to talk this over if you are interested. We have multiple auction winners at our camp yearly.

Moose: Sunday to Sunday only ( by lottery)

  • Pkg#1: $1925/person/week d.o.; $2650/week single. Includes cabin, meals, and boat & motor.
    Deposit $1000/person
  • Pkg#2: $3050/person/week d.o.; $4900/week single. Includes all of the above plus guide service.
    Deposit $2000/person
  • Moose VIP; $4950/person/week d.o.; $8700/single.
    Deposit $2500/person.

moose3* Do it yourself package:
Includes a remote cabin completely equipped with gas stove and lights, wood stove, beds, cooking and eating utensils and a canoe or boat on a remote pond or river within the central zone:
From $700. to $1650 per week/group.

Cash or Check Preferred

Visa, Mastercard, Discover Accepted

If you need help in filling out your application feel free to call 207-435-8274 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For hunting season information and hunting license fees or to apply
for a moose permit, visit State of Maine's Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Web Site

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