Grouse & Woodcock Hunts

Libby Camps is located in prime grouse and woodcock habitat, and is far and away regarded as one of the premier hunting destinations for these species in the northeast. Our Orvis Endorsed upland guides are among the best in the country, and their highly trained dogs wait anxiously all year for hunting season.

The type of hunter who comes to this area is here for its remoteness, cover, and lack of other hunters. There are literally thousands of miles of private logging roads, which can range from gravel superhighways accessible by all vehicles, to grown over roads accessible by 4×4 only. Other unimproved or older roads must be walked. These roads are open to hunting and make exceptional edge cover for grouse. Hunting can be done using a dog or simply walking or driving using your eyes and ears.

Woodcock hunting is best in old clear cuts and along river basins and alder thickets. We are 25 miles from the nearest farm cover, but can access those covers if the need arises. Usually we can take our limits within 5 to 10 miles from camp. Woodcock are very hard to hunt without the use of a dog. These secretive birds will sit tight under an alder or hawthorn bush and let the dog point from as little as 3 feet. The hunter almost always cannot see the bird until it takes flight, with its distinctive whistle and flight pattern. New hunters have difficulty hitting these small birds because of their erratic flight pattern and the appearance of being out of range. There is no better bird to train a dog on. Limits are 3/day/hunter with six allowed in possession.

Grouse are very numerous in our area. The cover ranges from beech ridges to poplar mixed growth to open clear cuts. Like the woodcock these birds are also known for how long they hold out before flushing. There are many stories of dogs pointing the birds so close that they actually catch them in the air when they take off. Limits on grouse are 4/day/hunter with 8 allowed in possession. Guides with dogs are limited, and should be booked well in advance. Hunters are welcome to bring their own dogs as well. Crates should be brought unless otherwise arranged.

Grouse & Woodcock Guided Hunting Package

Lodging:  $400/night/person double occupancy

Guide rate:  $650/day for 1-2 people.  $200 extra for each extra person

Our guided package includes a private cabin with full bathroom, three home cooked meals, and daily maid service. It also includes an Orvis Endorsed Guide and a highly trained dog for each day of hunting.

Double Occupancy Rates:

  • 3 Nights/2 Days – Double Occupancy – $1,850.00
  • 4 Nights/3 Days – Double Occupancy – $2,575.00
  • 5 Nights/4 Days – Double Occupancy – $3,300.00
  • 6 Nights/5 Days – Double Occupancy – $4,025.00
  • 7 Nights/6 Days – Double Occupancy – $4,750.00

Single Occupancy Rates:

  • 3 Nights/2 Days – Single Occupancy – $2,950.00
  • 4 Nights/3 Days – Single Occupancy – $4,150.00
  • 5 Nights/4 Days – Single Occupancy – $5,350.00
  • 6 Nights/5 Days – Single Occupancy – $6,550.00
  • 7 Nights/6 Days – Single Occupancy – $7,750.00

Grouse & Woodcock Hunting Package – VIP

Our premier, VIP package includes a private cabin with full bathroom, three home cooked meals and daily maid service, an Orvis Endorsed Guide, and a highly trained dog. It also includes unlimited clays to use at our range for the duration of your stay, as well as one seaplane fly out for the three day hunt.